www.stl-sportszone.net was believed to be the website of  te St Louis Sports bar and grill in Missouri in the united states. It is thought that there are actually a couple  of different establishments with the same theme providing a great entertainments place to have a drink eat food and watch sport on the large projector screens numerous televisions

I was recently set the task by my head teacher of inspiring the children in our Primary school on the subject of maths. Of all the subjects in the national curriculum for this age group I would say that maths is the most difficult subject to inspire. With the task set I started to see what was on offer for outside providers to come into school and quickly I found a company that interested me.  The www.theproblemsolvingcompany.co.uk provide maths puzzle days in schools. After their visit I was not disappointed, the whole school was buzzing. Using a variety of large challenges and puzzles ranging from shape puzzles to giant electronic coordinate mazes the children were challenge whilst having fun. What more could I have wanted!